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The form below will only take a few minute to complete and will allow us to prepare a quotation based on the information you provide. All details in bold are required.

Section 1.
Firstly please tell us your details and the details relating to your family circumstances.


First name Surname
Date of Birth
Marital status
Did you have children under the age of 16 yrs as at 6th April 2002 living with you in the tax year

Have you or your wife/husband/partner already claimed Children's Tax Credit?
Name of youngest child under 16 years at 6th April 2002 Childs DOB
Your wife / partners name Their DOB
Your national insurance number Wife/partnerís national insurance number
Tax reference No (from your Tax Return) Tax Office issuing Tax Return

Section 2.
Now please indicate which of the following applies to you for the tax year.

Any income from share options or shares/related benefits (excl dividends)
Self Employed
Foreign Income
Land & Property
Received income from Trusts or settlements
Capital Gains
Were you non-resident?

Section 3.
Now please tick which of the following you will be sending to us.

P60 certificate of pay & tax
P45 leavers certificate of pay & tax
P11D benefits and expenses
Records of benefits from third parties
Receipts for allowable expenses
Records to support claims to restrict assessable benefits, eg. mileage records
Coding notice
P60 / receipts
Lump sum receipt details
Details of state benefits received eg. benefits book, annual increase statement
Savings Income
Interest Certificates from banks and building societies or copy statements/passbooks
Interest Statements from National Savings
First Option Bond Receipts
Dividend/Interest Vouchers from companies and Unit Trusts
Rental Income
Details/receipts for each property of:
Rental income
Bad debts
Expenses incurred including repairs, decorating, rates, agents fees etc.
Certificate of interest paid on loans for purchase or improvements (MIRAS 5)
Capital Expenditure on improvements
Income from Abroad
Receipts /vouchers for income and details of any foreign tax deducted/paid
Income from Settlements and Estates
Certificates of tax deducted (Forms R185 etc.)
If no R185, details of income and vouchers/receipts etc.
Other income
Records or receipts for:
Alimony or maintenance
Bond withdrawals/Chargeable Event Certificate
Capital Gains
Contract notes for purchases and sales
Documentation for other capital receipts eg. vouchers, contracts, completion statements, correspondence etc.
Claims for Allowances and Reliefs
Pension Receipts / Form PPCC, SEPC
Certificates of interest paid (other than home loan in MIRAS)
Maintenance / alimony payment details
Venture Capital Trust Certificates
Enterprise Investment Scheme Certificates
Copies of Covenants made / Certificates given
Copy Gift Aid Certificates
Trade Union / Friendly Society Contribution slips
Receipts for tax paid
Self employed accounts

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. Now press SEND to submit you details to us.