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We offer a quick and extremely cost effective solution to completing your self-assessment tax return. Our fees start at just £65.00

Our service is simplicity itself – you provide us with a list of information and we respond with a personal fee quotation.  As long as your tax affairs are consistent with the information you provide to us in our on-line questionnaire, then the fee will be fixed.

If you want to proceed, all you need to do is post all the relevant paperwork to us, or scan it in and email it.  Upon receipt of all the information, we do the work, advise you of your tax position and issue your completed tax return.

So, what’s included?

Completion of the tax return – crucial, as late submission results in an automatic penalty.

Full Tax Calculations – We send you a personal taxation computation and advise you on how much tax is due and the date for payment.

Repayment Claims – If you’re due a refund, we will make the relevant claim for you.  And unlike some other firms, you will get every penny, as we don’t charge a percentage of your re-claim.


Fees start at £65 – typically this would cover a Return for an employee or retired individual, and generally those with less complex tax affairs.  Ideal for those who don’t want the hassle of completing the Tax Return themselves

For self-employed sole traders, individuals with rented property income or similar, fees are usually in the range of £85 - £110.   For taxpayers with more complex affairs, including for example partnerships, capital gains and inheritance tax matters, fees may run up to £175.  However, once we quote a fee based on the contents of the on-line questionnaire, it will not change unless the facts turn out to be materially different to the information you provided.

For details of our payment terms, click here.

If you want to take the first step to completing your Tax Return, go to our on-line quotation now.