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As an alternative to self employed status, many people use the limited company as their chosen business entity. If you already have a limited company, you will be aware of the advantages in terms of liability and taxation (for the smaller limited company at least) of carrying out your business in this way. If you don't already trade as a limited company then we can assist with limited company formations.

However, the main disadvantages of trading through a company are the increased burden of administration and paperwork in order to reap the benefits. For example you will need to file a set of accounts for the company each year and file a corporation tax return. It is often preferable to pay yourself a salary as well, which means you will need to calculate pay and deductions and ensure the Inland Revenue is paid the appropriate amount at the right time.

Milton & Partners are experts in looking after limited companies. We can take care of all the accounts, taxation, payroll and company administration headaches, so that you are left alone to run your business, and enjoy the rewards. We can even form a company for you. We can advise on the best mix of salary and dividends and the position with the various benefits in kind that can be provided.

If you have a limited company or are considering doing business through one, and are interested in our services, please contact us now for more details. Call 0113 287 3080 or email